Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shrine of the Fallen Warrior (Koiter)

"Michel Koiter was one of Blizzard's best and most influential artists. The Shrine of the Fallen Warrior in the Barrens, west of the Crossroads, was erected in his honor. He died in March 18, 2004. "


Blackboy0 said...

I was wondering who that was when I was playing Retail. I never used to look at Lore and shiz. I was just looking around MMOwned and saw this. <3 you Koiter!!

And awesome site btw, just looking around all the areas now :D

Anonymous said...

It's a memory in a loving member of Blizzard who died before the game was fully released, his name was Koiter. The place you've found is known as The Shrine of The Fallen Warrior.