Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Black Morass

At the entrance from Caverns of Time


A shipwreck in the sand


The bridge in the nothing :) (between CoT and the Morass)

The entrance of the Black Morass

In the Morass (really looks like as Swamp of Sorrows)

2 pics about the Portal (those big ugly thing) :)


Anonymous said...

I like the Swamp of Sorrow, so i will like this place too!
And portals can be always very exciting and funny...Especially if they teleort randomly.

Isilme Calien said...

Yeh, just it's a more depressing place xD It will be available in Burning Crusade...
And unfortunately this portal hasn't worked yet :(
Random teleport? Where is that portal? ^^

Anonymous said...

Depressing places could be cool. Sometimes i can feel myself at home in those places such like this. :) Well, and sometimes it's better if a portal isn't working. Good supernatural creatures very rarely spend their time to make a gate to a world, but the others... :P
Dunno that is there any random portal somewhere in the game, but i think You can imagine a funny portal what can tp You sometimes to the hell, sometimes to the plane of elemenal fire, etc... If i know well, You can imagine more funny place too! ;) /zotyek

wojop95 said...

yeah i go there in instant level priv serv long time ago and i clear this place (all mobs - this is a instance) alone :P