Sunday, December 10, 2006

Designer Island

If somebody know what it is, please tell me ^^

The naga temple

In the naga temple

On the top of the naga temple

An unfinished building

Some sample ^^

Other side of the naga temple


Anonymous said...

That Naga Temple could be very interesting to me... If mobs, then i prefer beasts, they are the coolest for me, look cool, and i like their speacials.
Erm... Is this temple already exist or not? When i went to the Feathmoon Stonghold, i saw another island with full of nagas, but i didn't check them from closer...

And i have a tip what could be that thing what You was asking... I think it's a giant horn! A bit same like in the LotR 2. Just a "bit" bigger...

Isilme Calien said...

Naga temple just exist on Designer Island now. It's just a textured framework, nothing more, and you can go through the wall somewhere xD
There are some other unfinished buildings which are the Dragon Isles, originally are connected with the naga temple...
Info is here: WoWWiki-Dragon Isles and some another here: WoWWiki-Desinger Island. That's what isn't true now.. ahh i wanna see those giant squirrels xD

Anonymous said...

Well, i saw Zancu's giant squirrel... He wanted to test on a few unlucky ppl, like me! :) It wasn't too much fun. :)
Btw, finally a place where we can go through the walls too, not only the mobs. :) /zotyek