Sunday, December 10, 2006

Inside the Dalaran dome


Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice pictures! Very misty and dark... Do You know anything about what are they planning to place there? Btw, Your char's cloth is very nice too! ;)

Isilme Calien said...

Hehe thx ^^
The history is here:
But I don't know what and when blizz do something with it... I heard perhaps it will be an instance, but I also heard there won't be anything there...
I think instance isn't true coz of Dalaran's history. But who knows? ^^

Anonymous said...

Well, anything could happen after what we already know about Dalaran. :P
But i don't think too that it will be an instance, probably it will be full with cute undeads... Just for You! ;) /zotyek