Sunday, January 07, 2007

Crypt near Karazhan

The most fearful and disgusting place in WoW...

Well of the Forgotten

Pauper's Walk

The Upside-down Sinners #1

The Upside-down Sinners #2

The Upside-down Sinners #3

The Pit of Criminals #1

The Pit of Criminals #2

The Pit of Criminals #3

Tome of the Unrepentant #1

Tome of the Unrepentant #2


Anonymous said...

Yay... Like in a hardcore horror movie... :) Blizz should change this if they don't wanna loose many ppl coz of new age restricton! :)
Btw... Home, sweet home! :D

Anonymous said...

well... the 2nd time when i forget to put my signature... :S /zotyek

Isilme Calien said...

"Home, sweet home" lolz :D
I spend my time there when I'm bored on NM xD
I think it's a part of Karazhan... so it will have new version in Burning Crusade.
And I know who you are... you are the only people who forget the signature :P But if you click on Other you can write your name... nooblet (just kidding) ^^

zotyek said...

Thx... I was too lazy to think what should i choose from the 3 options! lol

I couldn't get to know from the link that it's the part of the instance or what or, how it looks like on TBC... But i'm very curious! :P
Btw... I know well the humor of the programmers, so i can imagine that who are those bodies in the "water"... :D

Isilme Calien said...

Typical ^^

I didn't find any another info about it, just a 'simple' crpyt and not more (yet).
Hmm... I can imagine some other bodies in the water too ^^
(And I'm still so innocent... xD)

zotyek said...

well... ur innocent depends in my eyes from who are those other bodies! :)
soz, but i don't like green water... :)

Isilme Calien said...

haha... somebody is really egoist here :P
so I'm innocent... (and forget about those dancing-on-the-table accident xD )

zotyek said...

how can i forget? :P
btw... is it just me, or every1 remember to more then one "accident"? :D and... not only this kind of "accidents"! ^^
maybe the "accident" isn't the right word to this, but it could be to a few other! :P

Isilme Calien said...

more? o_O
uh oh perhaps I drank too much Greatfather's Winter Ale xD
haha never again ^^

zotyek said...

yeah... more! :P and not only table dance! ^^ and not only this kind of fun! :D
or... will u say me "shut up" now, right? :D

Isilme Calien said...

not only? wtf??? I don't remember another accidents xD
perhaps you just dreamed everything ^^

zotyek said...

i like the "sweet dreams" song form the Eurythmics... erm, but why i wrote this? :o
ah... i know... so who knows? ^^