Saturday, January 13, 2007

Old Ironforge

A cave under Ironforge. Reminds me Moria from Lord of the Rings :)
(The place is darker than on the screenshots, but I had to edit them to see something on the pics :D )


Anonymous said...

A very gaunt place! :) Yeah... It reminds me too to Moria. Just the corpes are missing! :D
What could be those crystals on the top? Mithril?
Btw... The edit was necessary imho too, coz one of those "something" is ur char! :D /zotyek

Isilme Calien said...

You can make corpses on mangos... just kill yourself and your bones will stand there (yeh, I'm in a good mood, sorry ^^)
I think those crystals are Mithril, but ask a dwarf in Ironforge... :)
And my char (erm.. just alt..) isn't so important :P

zotyek said...

I think it would be better to invite horde players to make a nice decoration with their corpses! :)
And... I can imagine what would say a dwarf when i wanna ask about their mithril veins! :D So i won't ask anything.... :)

Isilme Calien said...

I have some idea about the perfect corpses... Hehh, we should make an event there xD
By the way... ask Brassbeard about mithril (but I think he just interested in beer-drinking) ^^

zotyek said...

dunno, what's ur problem with the beer... oky, elves can't make good booze, but dwarves can. try them! ;) btw... yes, BB likes the beer, but it's more better pleasure form mithril cup! ^^