Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crypt in Western Plaguelands

When I found this crypt, I thought it's deserted. I made a big fault :)

An ugly guy (and after that dead guy...) :)

Lord Maldazzar

Lord Maldazzar again (I wanted to survive this meeting so I couldn't make better screenshot xD )


zotyek said...

next time u should get a me and u can make better pictures! ;) btw... these are very good too! ;)

i was at a Scarlet base not so long ago what is a bit south-east from Light H.' Chapel... it was very cool too... i've never been there before... prolly not any good drops, but it worths a raid imo! ^^ just for fun! ;) and especially if u haven't been there before... :P

Isilme Calien said...

or I just need lvl 60... I always die when you are near me xD but thx ^^

I know where is it, I was there more times... umm perhaps I-run-for-my-life is better for that situations :))
Hmm btw I think it's a good idea...

zotyek said...

hmm... then it would be a good question that who can't concentrate... any why? ^^
erm... or how do u mean that u die when i'm near to u? :P
btw... i know that u like crypts for many other things too, so u could count on me anytime! ^^

and the other thing... heh! next time they will run for their life! ^^

Amena said...

Interesting to know.