Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On the top of Ironforge

I think simple screenshots aren't the best for reflect the mood of the huge and damn high Dun Morogh mountains. It's simple beautiful with snowy peaks, pines and big distances. I will make a night version also :)


zotyek said...

agree... these pictures are very nice! ;) i like snowy regions... Ms. Snowwhite! ^^

and i'm looking forward to the night versions! i bet Night will be happy with them too! ^^

Isilme Calien said...

hehe, yeh, I like it too... perhaps coz I fit to the snow xD

Xan made once night version but I have never seen that sreenshots :(
(and my char stuck again coz of damn mailbox, so dunno when can I make it xD )

zotyek said...

damn! :S the problem was clear at last time, but ur char isn't stucked on the server at this time... we'll see what can we do, i'll be avilable for sure at late afternoon on msn and prolly on the server too...

and yeeah!!! u fit to the snow, coz u're so innocent, eh? ^^

Isilme Calien said...

Levi helped yesterday so it works now... I was faster :P

and yeah, of course xD